HOSPPAC, Inc. is an incorporated political action committee affiliated with the Louisiana Hospital Association. HOSPPAC is comprised of individuals and groups who share an interest in the betterment of hospitals and health delivery systems in Louisiana. It is not associated with any political party. It is an independent, bipartisan organization, and participation is voluntary.

HOSPPAC funds are used to contribute to state political campaigns and support involvement of LHA members in the political process at the state level. In addition, the American Hospital Association’s Political Action Committee (AHAPAC) allows hospitals in our state to support key members of Congress. Fifty percent of eligible personal contributions are transferred to the AHAPAC for support of federal campaigns. AHA-eligible contributions are individual member contributions by hospital executives, volunteers and trustees. This is the only way HOSPPAC is permitted to contribute to campaigns for federal office. Once the AHAPAC goal is met, HOSPPAC will continue efforts to solicit contributions on a state-only campaign basis.

For additional information and campaign resources, contact a member of the LHA’s advocacy team: Meaghan Musso Genre, Jennifer McMahon or Greg Waddell at 225-928-0026.